Age of Musketeers

to the Age of Musketeers!

The Age of Musketeers is a free-to-play multiplayer online game where you have the unique opportunity to try on the role of a resigned musketeer of the royal guard, who has founded a city in the mysterious Faraway Lands. Not only can you build and grow your settlement from a tiny village to a huge bustling city, but you can also free the suburbs from the burden of various kinds of monsters by fighting the latter side by side with your fellow musketeers, or using other methods of persuasion.

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Develop your city!

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The Age of Musketeers awaits you!

Swords and hats, coats and muskets, noisy inns and merry taverns — all the attractions of the Age of Musketeers await you! Start right now and you will be able to establish your own settlement and transform a little village into a big beautiful city. Build, trade or free your neighbors from the annoying monsters. It’s all in your hands!

D’Artagnan and Milady are waiting for you!

The Age of Musketeers is a free-to-play browser-based multiplayer online game where you can build a wonderful city, and free the Faraway Lands from wild monsters, with help from d’Artagnan, Milady and other old friends.

An idyllic pastoral landscape or an outpost of civilization in the Wild Lands inhabited by monsters — it is up to you to decide what your city will be!