Age of Musketeers


After a long consideration, we decided to shut down Age of Musketeers.

Today, we remove the in-game purchases. The game will be finally shut down on December 14th.

We really liked the game and spent many days and nights playing. Unfortunately, the game's audience is very small and we see no reason to maintain it. We welcome all our fans to find our new games on Elyland's website.

Dear Players!

Our company is getting ready to hold ICOs for two new projects: Clash & GO and Selfie GO.

We are looking forward to your support in this endeavour, and we invite everyone to join our Facebook and Telegram groups.

The most persistent players who will remain members of ALL groups until June 15 will receive an excellent bonus in the game Age of Musketeers.

Hurry up to join us right now!


Clash & GO

Selfie GO

Telegram (you'll need to install the Telegram application on a PC or on a mobile device):

Clash & GO

Selfie GO

Clash & GO is a cross genre game: we've merged Augmented Open World with Real-time Strategy, opening up new horizons for geolocation games.

Now, an ordinary walk in the park is a fierce struggle for survival and resources!

Selfie GO is our new project that will revolutionize the whole idea of social networks! Make new friends, compete in Selfie battles, take part in revenue share!

The app will also offer lots of interesting cryptocurrency services.

Winter Games have started in Faraway Lands! New entertainment not only decorate the city, but also makes the townspeople happier!

Collect ice shards, trade them for snowflakes and purchase new unique buildings using snowflakes! Also, take a look at new positions in the shop: buildings with a snowflake mark are only available for purchase till the end of February!

The last game update not only fixes some small bugs and annoying issues, it also eliminates the need in building a Crystal tower.

The tower just emerges in every city, you don’t need to buy it or extensions to place it now, it already is here. For the old players, who have already built the tower, the Crystal tower will be moved to free up some valuable space in your city. Feel free to move it back if you need though.

Mesdames et Messieurs! Chevalier d’Artagnan invites all dignified gentlemen to visit the Faraway Lands! Come and found your own town, develop and decorate it, and also free the lands of your neighbors from intrusive monsters!

Don’t hesitate! Immerse yourself in the world of the Age of Musketeers right now! D’Artagnan is waiting for you!

The Crown has high regard for the loyalty of its subjects! Our wise and most generous King declared that from now on, the most brave and loyal servants of the Crown will be rewarded with an estate in the Faraway Lands so that they continue conquering new territories and augment the Crown's lands as well as protecting them from invasions of monsters.

Captain of the Royal Guard, chevalier d’Artagnan was the first to receive this reward. He urged all the brave and persistent fighters to join him in the most important mission of conquering the Faraway Lands.

The dungeons of the royal palace have been concealing incredible secrets! The portal to the Faraway Lands has been opened! What will it bring? New territories to conquer to the glory of the Crown or a real threat of monsters’ invasion?

While exploring the catacombs underneath the royal palace, Captain of the Royal Guard, chevalier d’Artagnan discovered a mysterious portal that led to unknown Faraway Lands. There are many rumors about this place: some say its fields and meadows are fertile, resources are rich and the climate is mild and favorable for peaceful rest; others, though, warn about horrifying monsters that are hiding in the caves and dungeons and attack under the cover of night.