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Privacy Policy:

1. What personal information is collected:

1.1. according to p.3.1 of the Game Rules User should give User-name in the Game and registered e-mail at registration procedure;

1.2. according to terms of End-User Licence Agreement User agrees that our Company will collect such information as IP-address, browser type, time of access. Such data will be automatically transmitted to our Company by User computer and will be kept on server of our Company.

2. How information is used by our Company:

All personal data received from User will be used only for rendering of services to User by our Company, namely, to ensure access to the Game and to render Additional services.

3. On what conditions will our Company pass this information to other organisations?

Data received from User aren’t passed to any third persons.

In the implementation of payment by User himself for Additional services rendered by our Company in the Game User is redirected to sites of appropriate payment systems depending on method of payment and completes the data requested by such payment systems.

In case of payment of Additional services by credit or debit card User completes such data (Personal Account Number, Cardholder Name, Service Code, Expiration Date) on site of appropriate payment system by himself.

In case of payment of Additional services by electronic payment system User completes number of his account or e-wallet.

In case of implementation of payment by User himself information about payment data is not collected and accordingly is not used by our Company.

4. Changing or deletetion of User personal data, refusal to provide the information:

4.1. User cannot change his e-mail stated during registration.

4.2. So as personal data which concerning to payment data and which is given by User (completed by User himself on sites of appropriate payment system) is necessary exclusively for implementation of User payment that data is completed exclusively if User wants to pay. User has the right to change the inputted information which concerns to payment data in accordance with rules of appropriate payment systems, as a rule, in any time BEFORE the moment of approving of correct inputted information.

4.3. such information as IP-address, browser type, time of access cannot be changed by User because of automatically data transmission by User computer to our Company.

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