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The Age of Musketeers is a free-to-play multiplayer online game where you have the unique opportunity to try on the role of a resigned musketeer of the royal guard, who has founded a city in the mysterious Faraway Lands. Not only can you build and grow your settlement from a tiny village to a huge bustling city, but you can also free the suburbs from the burden of various kinds of monsters by fighting the latter side by side with your fellow musketeers, or using other methods of persuasion.

Once, d’Artagnan came across a mysterious portal during one of his numerous adventures. Having accidentally activated it, the musketeer found himself in the Faraway Lands, a wonderful new world that had only one problem — monsters inhabiting its territories. However, musketeers are no strangers to combat. They have already conquered many lands and claimed them in the King’s name.

The King grants the right to build an estate in the Faraway Lands only to the most worthy ones who have distinguished themselves in serving the Crown. You were one of them too. Your old friend d’Artagnan has already settled in this world some time ago and knows it inside and out. He will reveal its secrets to you, show you how to build a beautiful city, and help you command your own troop of musketeers if you decide to fight the monsters.